Help Others

PoultryPedia has been a labor of love (and obsession) for me for the last decade.
I, too, have dealt with problems like frustrating instructions on medications, confusing leg problems, and chickens fighting, and I've wanted to help others facing the same things.

I didn't grow up with chickens, and I have zero medical training, but I have a degree in agricultural journalism and have been willing to research and experiment.
This site is particularly focused toward sharing solutions that are not commonly known but are very useful,
and especially providing it to owners of "backyard" chickens and other small flocks.
I hope this site helps make your and your chickens' world better!

If resources I've created have been a benefit to you, I would so much appreciate if you might consider
passing on some help as a blessing to others who are greatly in need,
through the organization below! Thank you!!

Give to Panzi Foundation to help others

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, rape is being used as a weapon of war. Panzi Foundation seeks to heal survivors and to stop the brutality. The importance of its mission and strength of its work was recently recognized as the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize was co-awarded to its president, Dr. Denis Mukwege.
Your donations make a very powerful, personal impact for others who are suffering immensely!

* Note: I have no connection with Panzi Foundation.