About PoultryPedia

This site is particularly focused toward sharing solutions that are not commonly known but are very useful,
and especially providing it to owners of "backyard" chickens and other small flocks.

Like you, I have dealt with problems like frustrating instructions on medications, confusing leg problems, and chickens fighting!
More than 15 years ago, I first began researching issues, conducting experiments, and learning from others, to find solutions for my own chickens.
I have been touched by the kindness of others who have helped me find answers, and started PoultryPedia to pass along help to others.
You also may email me questions about bird care and they will be answered when possible.

I look forward to serving you & your birds!
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This site has always been completely free for everyone.
If you would like to pass along a thanks on behalf of your birds, I greatly appreciate any donation you might make to the organization below, and would love to receive a note from you to let me know!

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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, many women, men and children have experienced severe sexual violence being used as a weapon of war, or for financial extortions.
Panzi Foundation seeks to provide reparative surgeries and support for survivors, and to help change brutality and promote peace in communities. The importance of its mission and impact of its work has been recognized internationally by the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize being co-awarded to its president, Dr. Denis Mukwege.
Please consider helping "grow the good" in the world by contributing. Donations make a very powerful, personal impact for others in need of healing and caring.
(* Note: I support its mission but have no actual connection with Panzi Foundation.)

Some resources that have been particularly useful in development of this site, which I recommend:
BackyardChickens.com forum

National Library of Health PubMed.gov

AwesomeTable app
Google Sites

Note: PoultryPedia.com also hosts the chicken information formerly available on larsencreek.com.