Sanitation Secrets

Layer of gravel underneath for drainage & separate from clay soil.
Not paver's sand
Not in uncovered areas that get snow.

Feeder Holders
Food Container
for Moist Food
Stainless Steel
Stoneware / Ceramic Bowls
Paper Towels

Water Dish Holders

Kitty Litter Scoop
Pigeon Waterer for Chick Waterer
Milk Jug Waterers (esp. for waterfowl)
Milk Jug Feeders (to protect from droppings)
Garden Trowel
Small Bucket
Shrub Rake
Modified Manure Fork (Cherry Picker)
Cookie Spatula
Spray Bottle of Oxine
Oxine in Waterer
Oxine Dishwashing
Water Dishes
Peanut Butter Jar Plastic Lids
Butter Cookie Tins
Mushroom Cans
Ceramic Mugs
Food Containers
Pop-out Windows
Feed Sack Containers
Coop Front & Pop Door Step-Over Board (also good for helping keep chickens in & snow / rain out)
Grate Front Step (scrape off coop bedding, mud & snow off shoes going in & out, minimize mold buildup & slipperiness & ground packing)
Cardboard Box Carrier with Carpet Travel Flooring
Bungee Cords for Box
Triangle Slice Holes
Fruit Chunks during Transport
vs. Tree Stump
Step Stool Base
Lamp Shade Ring Waterer Holder
Cardboard Cone Feeder Cap
Dust Mask or Kerchief
Perches (so not sleeping in poop)

Poop Board
Diatomaceous Earth (perches, baths, birds (inc legs?))

Feather for Cleaning Nostrils
Seam Ripper for Cleaning underneath Leg Scales
Fingernail file for Beaks & Toenails
Baby Oil
Waterless Hand Sanitizer
Masking Tape
Paper Towels
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Fingernail Clippers
Fingernail Scissors
Foam Sponge
Cardboard Box Brooder